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Műcsarnok Kunsthalle on Art from Cluj Today exhibition with works by Alex Mirutziu

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European Travellers - Art from Cluj Today / Judit Angel

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___________Alex Mirutziu's performance art focuses on (his own) body, which is the subject of cognition and confrontation  and also serves as a means of communication. In his early works — some of which are on display here — Mirutziu's body problematics are based on sexual identity and the related individual and social conflicts, in which the body is formulated as a political tool (Tears are Precious, Heaven Knows I Feel Miserable Now, Sock Face). 

Cluj International / Jane Neal

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___________Alex Mirutziu is the most avant-garde of Sabot's artists, participating in 2007 in English director John Britton's experimental master class with seven other heterogeneous performers. Subsequently he toured England with his performative social-commentary Leave Gordon Brown Alone. Mirutziu received international recognition in Madrid and Paris at the Optica Video Art Festival, where he was awarded 'Best Independent Artist', as well as presenting two solo projects (2010 and 2011) at Rudiger Schottle, Munich. His recent collective exhibitions include The Power Plant in Toronto, the National Museum in Warsaw, and Spazio Vault in Prato.

Pending works & Scotopolitic Object - solo show at Munich

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© Pending Work #7 / Alex Mirutziu


Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle
01.07. - 06.08.2011
Opening: 30.06.2011

“Pending Works and Scotopolitic object” is the title of this gallery’s second solo exhibition of the Romanian artist Alex Mirutziu. Specially created for this exhibition are video pieces, photographs and objects, the concept behind which he himself explains as follows:

Pending Works operate within a nexus of processes, interactions and mediations that are clearly distinguishable as non-linear, non-cumulative and task-based, with the focus not on what is happening but on when it is happening. What is expressed neither describes nor represents existing matrixes of recognition but rather reformulates possibilities. Images, language and signs are critical engagements with reality and not merely its representation. My attention is devoted to work that is not primarily a productive, result-oriented process. This work may be seen as a complex time frame of the art project, as pure activity that occurs in time. This new practice induces you to look beyond; is there a real there – at all? It reaches beyond the specific realization of an idea towards an expanded cultural and social field. I believe that this particularity is a call for thought, beginning with the artist who applies a task-based principle of announcing the time frame of each work for the different ways it may be observed. This then gives rise to questions on: internal duration of the idea versus external duration of the work; sufficiency of time and its relevancy; how much volume of thought and processed thinking can be put into a specific time frame?

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Scotopolitic is the term I have coined to designate an object situation that generates a complex dynamic between the discourse of darkness that exists as a choice – one that should not have language – and an object’s communal and public relevance. Its comprehension evolves between silence, mediation and representation.

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Between example theory and negation theory, Scotopolitic object draws attention to the insistence on its captive insight; and, through the repetitive carving of its insight, develops an institutional theme. Its strategic discourse operates on a thin layer of self-contemplative uselessness, bringing the jungle of darkness into the surrounding public space. Finally, what must be considered in this object situation paradigm are the ways these resolutions are negotiated within a larger
public environment.”

Alex Mirutziu, born in Romania in 1981, lives and works in London and Sibiu.

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Alex Mirutziu / solo exhibition at Mihai Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles

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December 11, 2010 – February 4, 2011
Mihai Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition and
performance in the US of artist Alex Mirutziu.

Alex Mirutziu is a Romanian artist whose practice extends over a wide range of media
and activities, including: writing, photography, media-critical video installations and
performance as well as various critical and curatorial projects. His work endows social
processes with ephemeral emergence as main constructs in an attempt to reconfigure
the relation between information and form, psychophysical language and content,
challenging origins and meaning. His most recent work implies a recuperation of the
subject between structured death and migration of suffering.

The exhibition opens Saturday, December 11, 2010 at Mihai Nicodim Gallery, 3143
S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, with a live performance of the artist
that starts at 7 PM.

Venue: Mihai Nicodim Gallery
3143 S. La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
T: 310.838.8884