A time for sharing - Iaspis, Open House

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Open House / 20.03.15 / Iaspis

The focus is on the artistic process of the Visual and Applied Artists who are in residence right now. This residency period for the first time the majority of the grant holders in Stockholm are active in the area of applied art, and their practice emphasize the interdisciplinary and interesting development today. On the occasion of the Venice Biennale, there will also be panel discussions with Swedish and international artists who are invited to the exhibition.

My discussion partner was Olav Westphalen, visual artist and professor in Fine Art, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. Many thanks to him for accommodating my working concepts into his own erudite awareness of art and theory. 

On this occasion I want to thank: Johan Pousette, Lena Malm, Nina Øverli, Annika Bjorkman, Annika Enqvist, Henrick Hogberg, and all the people at Iaspis, Stockholm, for their competence and expertise shown during the last five months and Åsa Jungnelius for her kind support over the years.

The spring Open House event, offered an insight into my latest practice which generated the thoughts and approaches which will be further materialised in two works at this year Venice Biennale in the project Inventing the Truth. On Fiction and Reality, curated by Diana Marincu as part of Romania's representation. The time I've spent in residence at Iaspis up until now, allowed a great deal of reflection and consideration over what is to be done now, and of the responsibility that is, of making/creating works in such difficult tangled art world.