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Recent Mirutziu's solo show meets IDEA - Art+Society review

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Recent issue of IDEA - Art + Society, appointed Diana Marincu to curate a text on Alex Mirutziu's latest solo show "Each thought's an instant ruin with a new disease" which took place last December at art hub Paintbrush Factory's gallery Sabot.

Diana Marincu is a researcher on the curatorial narratives/discourses built in relation with political and geographical criteria and a Ph.D. candidate at the National University of Art in Bucharest.

Among the themes discussed are Mirutziu's attachment to language and text, the development of Pending Work series, Bureaucracy of Objects and the Artist and Himself at 29 (a hyperobject / collective he put together recently).

She states: "Alex Mirutziu does not explain, does not represent and does not demonstrate through his works something that, as soon as it reaches the public, would “close“ itself within an interpretation. The question that the artist uses as a point of departure is “what happens when the objects, bodies and all things from our surroundings stay silent?“ Their language is untranslatable, their background empty and their field of reaction fragmented in a multitude of different temporalities, desynchronized."

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"Bureaucracy of objects" in C-print - journal about contemporary art

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Intriguing Romanian artist Alex Mirutziu shares an essay relating to the theme of inspiration with C-print’s readers.

Once deemed l’enfant terrible of his generation for his media critical and progressive practice, artist Alex Mirutziu is currently one of the most compelling young artists springing out of the vibrant Romanian art cluster of Cluj-Napoca. For C-print’s readers, Mirutziu shares a beautiful essay titled "Bureacracy of objects" .

Pending Works & Bureaucratic Objects - book launch

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Comprehensive conceptual frame of Pending Works as well as Bureaucracy of Objects with references to works from 2010 to the present. Insights into TAH29 - The Artist and Himself at 29, with studio photos from Sweden, and the archives of GAM - Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano.

______ published by Sabot

Each thought's an instant ruin with a new disease - solo show at Sabot

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Alex Mirutziu

■ Friday, November 15th, 7 - 10 pm
■ exhibition on view through January 10th, 2014

Each thought's an instant ruin with a new disease

Off-the-wall outcome of the artist’s philosophy-driven research into the art theory and practice, Alex Mirutziu’s second solo show with Sabot is proving again the artist’s appetite for deconstruction and critical dissection. Informed by his ongoing series of Pending Works, the recent Bureaucratic Objects are activated by Mirutziu’s rendering of the Reality of Never and its Design.

Each thought's an instant ruin with a new disease

Where is the poem, 2013
[from 'performance for prepared poem and one hand', 
based on 'Politics' by Graham Foust] 

Weight of sleep as temporary sculpture present in flesh of face
archival print on paper, 88,9 x 70 cm

L’enfant terrible of his generation, Alex Mirutziu dynamited his way into the art world with frantic performances, resistant to monolithic definitions. His work is regarded as provocative and intensely philosophical to deeply entangled and juxtaposed, where closure and heartbreak seem always in need, of an unpalatable and constricted reality of each millisecond, as time itself might be a result of a violent and catastrophic event that needs re-establishment in history. He declares being influenced of writers rather than visual artists, voluntarily exiled himself in his hometown with which he has a love hate relationship masochistically overstated as nomadic existence. His affiliation to classicism is visible when drawing extensively from Adolfo Wildt and Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruisdael, reworking ‘The Jewish Cemetery’ among other romantic works, following a path that only Constable took seriously in 1797. A Romanian artist in his early thirties, Alex Mirutziu goes beyond his fragile frame and apparent shyness to fastidiously perform the unperformable, moments of silence to thoughts that die never looking like art as in his latest series of works called ‘Pending Works
Björn Olsen (independent writer and occasional curator, researcher at University of Manchester)


I refer to a space in which thought can operate—a nexus of processes, interactions and mediations that are clearly distinguishable as non-linear, non-cumulative, and task-based. The focus is not on what is happening, but on when it is happening. What is expressed neither describes nor represents existing matrixes of recognition, rather reformulates possibilities.
There is an interior design of objects that eludes us at any instant, suggesting that there is more to things than our representations of them and more depth than we are able to see.
My Pending Works never directly encounter one another, but only relate to one another through various translations. Any object is here, once it is here, not sooner, and in order to be here, it needs different levels of translations and mediations. It adapts to the dynamic of translating information through time, but with no claim of definite form, it rather points out to exchanges within its environment. It does so either by itself, or by coexistence with its neighbors.
Here we are, trying to make sense of the object through its own bureaucracy, through its own internal affairs.

(excerpts from Mirutziu’s essay Pending Works and Bureaucratic Objects, published on the occasion of this exhibition)