Recent Mirutziu's solo show meets IDEA - Art+Society review

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Recent issue of IDEA - Art + Society, appointed Diana Marincu to curate a text on Alex Mirutziu's latest solo show "Each thought's an instant ruin with a new disease" which took place last December at art hub Paintbrush Factory's gallery Sabot.

Diana Marincu is a researcher on the curatorial narratives/discourses built in relation with political and geographical criteria and a Ph.D. candidate at the National University of Art in Bucharest.

Among the themes discussed are Mirutziu's attachment to language and text, the development of Pending Work series, Bureaucracy of Objects and the Artist and Himself at 29 (a hyperobject / collective he put together recently).

She states: "Alex Mirutziu does not explain, does not represent and does not demonstrate through his works something that, as soon as it reaches the public, would “close“ itself within an interpretation. The question that the artist uses as a point of departure is “what happens when the objects, bodies and all things from our surroundings stay silent?“ Their language is untranslatable, their background empty and their field of reaction fragmented in a multitude of different temporalities, desynchronized."

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