Sweden Sans is now a dance

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Sweden Sans, Sweden’s official typeface designed by Söderhavet and Stefan Hattenbach has now started to influence other art forms than design and typography. This time dance.

Romanian choreographer Alex Mirutziu has created an art dance piece called ”but as a document” based on Söderhavet’s work with the typography, that is being performed at Museum of Modern Art in Bucharest in 2015.

Alex: My attention was caught by Sweden Sans type, reason why I started a project with a Swedish dancer Pär Andersen to create a performance piece using the underlying sketches of the making of the font, basically to work with the technical specifications of the font in translation into dance. The main question is: How the body adheres to the typeface of a poem to add meaning, and what it might do to the economy of the poem.

– I don’t think this has ever been done before. When Alex contacted us, we were first baffled by the idea of making a dance out of a typeface. Now we are still baffled, but also impressed and honored that our design could inspire someone to create a dance based on it, says Jesper Robinell, Head of design at Söderhavet.

Preview a trailer of the dance here: https://vimeo.com/alexmirutziu/but-as-a-document-trailer

About Sweden Sans
Sweden Sans was designed as a part of Söderhavets work with a new global brand identity for the country Sweden.WehadalreadydecidedonincorporatingtheSwedishflagintotheidentity,aswellasusing alocal- language textual mark. But we still needed to find a unique identity carrier that could be used in widely diverging contexts. The idea of designing a custom typeface was mooted early on — and Sweden Sans was born.

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Jesper Robinell, head of design at Söderhavet jesper@soderhavet.com
Mobile: 0704381792

About Alex Mirutziu
Coreographer. Grant holder at IASPIS – (Swedish Visual Arts Fund’s international programme commissioned to support international exchange for practitioners in the areas of visual art). Alex works a lot with typography in different stances be it installations or performances.
Contact: amirutziu@gmail.com

Information taken from: http://soderhavet.com/bl/2015/06/01/sweden-sans-is-now-a-dance/#more-786