NOW IS 80 for Charlotte Moorman — improvisation at Roodkapje this evening

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.
VOND.A is a new program experimenting on multi-inter performance activities with time-based media and YOU on every 3rd Thursday, in Rotterdam, at ROODKAPJE!

Teilingerstraat 128
July 18 // 20.30
Entrance: € 6,-


perf.ORMANCE // Alex MIRUTZIU (Romania)

Multi disciplinair young performance artist, writer and visual artist. His work endows social processes with ephemeral emergence as the main constructs in an attempt to reconfigure the relation between information and form, psychophysical language and content, challenging origins and meaning.

perf.INST // Gergo NAGY (Hungary)

He is a talented Art- Scientist who is working on beyond your awareness of time, space and their functions of movement. He creates sound and movement installations that are interactive on multiple dimension. Sounds vague until you experience it!

perf.OUND / perf.IDEO // Paul DEVENS (NL)Audio visual artists whose work has brought change into how to consume such art. He brings reality and it’s relation to space and time on a escapist manner.

perf.IDEO / perf.OUND // Joris Strijbos (NL)

Rotterdam based audio-visual artist. His work is very inspiring as he finds a way to display what is abstract and imaginary. Though his visual and sound works are full of rich textures and taste which then differ for everyone and how being consumed.