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European Travellers - Art from Cluj Today / Judit Angel

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___________Alex Mirutziu's performance art focuses on (his own) body, which is the subject of cognition and confrontation  and also serves as a means of communication. In his early works — some of which are on display here — Mirutziu's body problematics are based on sexual identity and the related individual and social conflicts, in which the body is formulated as a political tool (Tears are Precious, Heaven Knows I Feel Miserable Now, Sock Face). 

Cluj International / Jane Neal

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___________Alex Mirutziu is the most avant-garde of Sabot's artists, participating in 2007 in English director John Britton's experimental master class with seven other heterogeneous performers. Subsequently he toured England with his performative social-commentary Leave Gordon Brown Alone. Mirutziu received international recognition in Madrid and Paris at the Optica Video Art Festival, where he was awarded 'Best Independent Artist', as well as presenting two solo projects (2010 and 2011) at Rudiger Schottle, Munich. His recent collective exhibitions include The Power Plant in Toronto, the National Museum in Warsaw, and Spazio Vault in Prato.