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Five moments of silence for Pending Work #7 

Note #3 to Pending work # 2 (Homage a Gencer) 2011 - Digital print on
photographic paper


MAY 27 - JUNE 12 2012
Lucie Fontaine Studio
Iaspis, Maria Skolgata 83, Stockholm

Lucie Fontaine and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm are proud to present the fourth exhibition at Lucie Fontaine’s Stockholm satellite, located at Iaspis, on Maria Skolgata 83. Entitled “What is the reality of never?” the exhibition presents a selection of works by Romanian artist Alex Mirutziu, who for this occasion will perform a new work entitled Five moments of Silence for Pending Work #7 (2012). The performance is accompanied by the following synopsis:

Pending works reside in few answering curves of theory. They are irreducible to any medium and their room is multifaceted and complex. This body of work explores the idea of classicism and the establishment of drama, stressing how the work makes it or doesn’t make it through the play, buffering in the instantaneous present.

There are two important conceptual triggers related to the pending works machinery. The first question is the reliability of the event and its performativity within a fluctuating timeline. The second refers to the cathexis of time and action versus duration, anti-duration and political evidence. Ultimately the chief interest of the pending works lies in the dialectic between evidence and the event as transformative of each other.

On one hand the artist’s extensive engagement with performance and installations aims to open an ontological terrain inside his so-called “Pending Works and Scotopolitic Objects.” He is the only artist to have made a group with a hyper-object, namely with himself at 29 and exhibit as a collective for the first time at Barbara Seiler Gallery in Zurich. The artist and himself at 29 is a medium. None is superior to the other and none can comprehend the fullness of atoms that shape each other. The biggest question is who arrived at whom first, faster or even at all? The question therefore rests upon distance. Is there any distance separating them? Can there be a possible distance between them, or is the artist at 29 years old collapsing into the artist now? Considering these projects one of the critical aspects in his work is that it resists closure by asking: What is the reality of never?

Alex Mirutziu is an artist based in Sibiu, Romania. He had solo shows at Barbara Seiler Galerie, Zurich (2011), Mihai Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles (2010), Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich (2010) and Galeria Sabot, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2009). His work is included in “European Travelers – Art from Cluj Today,” currently on view at Műcsarnok | Kusthalle Budapest.

The show is made possible through the support of Iaspis and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm. If you need further information please contact Lucie Fontaine’s employees:

All images and video belong to Alex Mirutziu