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Alex Mirutziu in an abundance of glossy endurance

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As part of the art fair Roma Road to Contemporary Art, taking place between the 25th and the 30th of May 2010, The Romanian Academy in Rome will be hosting the exhibition entitled Play!. The exhibition will feature mostly site-specific works and will be recorded in the catalogue of the art fair as part of the main colateral events presented by the foreign cultural institutes and academies in Rome.

With or without rules, pure or subversive, logical or absurd, vital or derisive, the notion of play defines contemporary society in its most intimate aspects. We play when we are young and we continue playing when we grow up. We play hide-and-seek first with other children and further with our own selves, hiding behind prejudices and restrictive social norms. We play with love, we play with politics, we play with life.

Play! imagines a homo ludens who has become a deconstructor of the notion of play and a cruel analyst of existence, a homo ludens post-ludus who, by employing various mechanisms of play, engages himself in a process of self-sabotage by colliding against social order only to become the boomerang of his own self proclamation.

Play! is a platform for ludic experiements of art as play. Going beyond Johan Huizinga’ homo ludens, who lives in a dimension where playing is a condition for the making of culture, the exhibition proposes an investigation into the mecanisms of play extracted from the life of homo ludens post ludus, the man who returns to the infantile purity of playing after passing through concupiscent identity games. The three artists, Radu Comşa, Alex Mirutziu and Vlad Olariu meet at the level of the delicate membrane where playing becomes real life and where life itself is the very question of the action of playing.

CURATOR Mirela Pribac

ARTISTS Radu Comşa, 
Alex Mirutziu, 
Vlad Olariu

Galeria Sabot

25th of May, 2010 / h. 18.00 – 21.00
Performance/ 25th of May / h. 19.00
Tue- Sun / Free entry / h. 10.00 – 16.00
Sun 30 / by appointment only, tel. 327.427.56.46