REPORT: Studio #1 - Atelier de performance

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.

Reporting on my first attempt to lead a workshop on performance after three days of intense mental and physical training at Sabot Gallery.
I teamed up with Razvan Sadean to deliver a session on performance, to six candidates eager to either clarify some of their related issues or to develop further skills in the field. 

________The candidates have been asked to develop transversal skills and awarenesses raging from few possitions on contemporary performance trends up to conceptual theories on objecthood, communication and physicality. Nevertheless, the leap started from established theoreticians and practitioners like E. Barba. P. Zarrili, among others but with a clear focus on the vast possibilities that this field can contain. 
________The structure was complex in the way three days allow it to be...focusing on observation, experimentation with their own fears and psycho-physical blockages, and reflection.

(all photos © Razvan Sadean)