'Crossing Cluj' exhibition takes in MOMENT OF SILENCE for Pending Work #7

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.
Alex Mirutziu-Moment of Silence for 194-12-08-50-247 of-Pending Work 7 Photo by Daria Dumitrescu
Installation view 


for 194-12-08-50-247 of-Pending Work # 7

presented in a special project attached to
Art Market Budapest, 2012 from November 8-11 at Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary.

This work is part of the series entitled Pending Works, that deal with silence as part of an artwork just as neverness is part of an artwork, that is, forwards the idea of post-participation and post-performance with and within a hyperobject  time frame.

________The 2012 edition of Art Market Budapest draws particular attention to, and builds a complex program around the internationally renowned contemporary art scene of the Transylvanian city of Cluj. The Cluj art scene is presented in a way it has never been seen before: in the broader context of, and with focus on its Eastern European roots. ________Crossing Cluj is one of the independent curatorial projects of Art Market Budapest. The concept of the exhibition is to demonstrate the diversity and complexity that is present in the works of the selected, already internationally renowned, artists from
Cluj – juxtaposed with works by artists living in Hungary.
The ‘Cluj phenomenon’ appears at Art Market Budapest in a different light this time, namely it aims to deconstruct those uniform discourses that usually identify the activities of these artists with socio-politically reflective figurative painting or
with conceptual art. The exhibition draws attention to the complexity of subject matter and the diverse artistic approaches, putting a special emphasis on the individuality of the artists.

The artworks by artists living in Hungary demonstrate that because of the universal language of art, the local and global, social as well as artistic issues, and moreover, because of the cultural parallels that we can see between the two locations,
there are resonances between the artists living in Budapest and those in Cluj.
The short texts displayed next to the exhibited artworks were written by the artists, and through them we can come closer to their art, and also understand what the city of Cluj means to them.

Participating artists:

Teodora AXENTE - Gyula BADITZ - Marius BERCEA - Zsolt BERSZÁN - Zsolt BODONI - Mihut BOSCU - Levente HERMAN - Alex MIRUTZIU - Ciprian MURESAN -
Miklos ONUCSAN - Sorin NEAMTU - Cristi POGACEAN - Serban SAVU - MirceaSUCIU - Szabolcs VERES

Curator: Délia VÉKONY