Works and Interview through Sculpture

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Alex Mirutziu - Razvan Sadean
from March 16, 2012 - May 6, 2012 

This project, presented in Italy for the first time at Vault Gallery, is a collaboration between the two Romanian artists Alex Mirutziu (1981, Sibiu, RO) and Razvan Sadean (1987, Sfantu Gheorghe, RO) as the natural end of their shared experience during an artistic residency at the Ze Dos Bois Centre in Lisbon in 2011. Both artists they were oriented to the performance, using their body as a kind of machine for eviscerating dark, obscene and gory aspects of the surrounding reality. The exhibition is divided into two "dimensional" works (a series of four photographs from the video "History is nothing but muscles in action" and a performance "Interview through Sculpture") and two video projections, where the physical element and the body rise to a pivot around which all the work rotates. Starting from the critical aspect of Who-Is-What and What-Is-Who, the two artists move like living sculptures with the intent to study human action, starting from the purely muscular process until the time that an action can be defined as that and established its relevance over time. They are both the creators and the product of their work with clear references to the contemporary tradition of body art, almost as if they would be incorporated into their work, negotiating a possible way out of this world which they have self-created and that apparently seems to leave no escape.

Alex Mirutziu: His work draws on different fields of research, writing, theatre, photography, video and lately mainly to the performance. The artist proposes a survey of social and political processes that he calls revolutionary, and his body in all its ambiguity, it is the preferred solution.

Razvan Sadean: Even his work includes germination from contemporary writing, web-art, photography and literature. In his works he focuses so obsessively on the dramatic materiality of the body, so obscene, socially awkward and often with extreme realism.