"Action is guilt / Method to Rourke" in Beyond the “liminal experience” curated by Francesco Scasciamacchia

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Beyond the “liminal experience”

curated by Francesco Scasciamacchia
Izabela Chamczyk , Gabriele De Santis, Daniela Di Donato, Alex Mirutziu
16th April - 18th June 2011
opening 18.30 on 16th April 2011

The title of the exhibition comes from the concept of “liminality” through which

Victor Turner during the 60s and the 70s called the state in which the spectator is when he/she attends a painful mise-en-scene. This condition is between the respect of the “art rules” and the “life laws”. On one hand the spectator would stop the artist while he/she is inflicting pain on himself/herself (ethical postulate); on the other hand he/she has to respect the artistic act in the name of Art (artistic postulate). The spectator remains in this suspended state for all the duration of performance.

Beyond the “liminal experience” invites the artists to reflect, to re-invent or simply to deal with the notion of “liminality” in an era of overuse of images in which videos and pictures have became the new media for the “violent act”. Beyond the “liminality” but also beyond the media of performance and of ephemeral actions.This psychological mechanism inducts the public to think about contemporary art, affirming its existence. Regardless of whether the spectator will like or dislike the artworks, they will realize that contemporary art exists as a fact.

More info:

Beyond the “liminal experience” (pdf)

The invited artists are:

Izabela Chamczyk (Czestochowa, Poland 1980)
Gabriele De Santis (Rome, Italy 1983)
Daniela Di Donato (Lanciano (CH), Italy 1981)
Alex Mirutziu (Sibiu, Romania 1981)

On the occasion of the opening, Alex Mirutziu will perform “Action is guilt / method to Rourke”.

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