First days at JustMad, Madrid 2nd edition with Sabot Gallery

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.

Its been absolutelly mad these days at JustMad, Madrid, in terms of visitors, and its just the beguining, as the organisers are optimistic concerning the coming days. Madrid has a way with artfairs, nurturing ARCO celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. 
JustMad on the other hand is a platform that proclaims more that it declaires, and this edition proves the obove. 

Sabot as always presented an quite mix of my work from drawing to video and it has done a fantastic job in display and availability. 
One thing worth mentioning is the "coming home" of Tears are precious - video work, that in 2008 was awarded internationaly in Madrid -- best video for an Independent Artist. I have personally meet some members of the public who are attached to the artwork recognising it.