Installing "Critique on how temples move faster than their shadows" at Mihai Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.

When I have been working in residence at EIRA33 and ZDB - Ze Dos Bois Lisbon, this year for the creation of "When love melted cavalries in our hearts" which was supported by ColectivA - Cluj and Miki Braniste, I've produces a work that stood still like a split second in incomplete stunt, drawing on a neo-romantic paradigm where the experience does not happen while reading the work, its not about what happens on the paper, rather walking away from it.

I've been priviledged to access the best equipment, progressive eloquent designed props and Hollywood studio lights for this unique theory immersed performance - "Critique on how temples move faster than their shadows", hosted by the splendid Mihai Nicodim Gallery - L.A. to give a complete new perspective of this fabulous engagement.

Today I will perform on the humanity of a terrible love; a shared architecture, muscled by words and rude liberty, about ‘fixing of the body’ over the exterior milieu, with the heart poised above the gut, a constructed metaphor for the staticism of love, that sometimes you just have to tell the whole world about it.