Il caos #2 - Le migrazioni / Venezia - dal 27 agosto al 19 settembre 2010

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.

IL CAOS is an exhibition project, begun in 2009 and promoted by San Servolo Servizi in collaboration with the Province of Venice, which will unfold over a period of three years, with three exhibitions addressing issues central to the life of our society: work, migration and conflict.

The trilogy will be developed within LightOn San Servolo – a project dedicated to photography and video art, held on the island – and takes its name from the column by Pier Paolo Pasolini published in the weekly magazine Tempo from the 6th August 1968 to the 24th January 1970, and dedicated to him.

This year the second part of the project, focused on migration, sees the work of seven artists, Italian and international: Theo Eshetu presenting his video installation set in Etiopia Trip to Mount Zugualla, and images from backstage; Michael Fliri with his video Early one morning with time to waste; H.H.Lim with video work and photos from the series Vittorio Square; Paolo Meoni with video work and photos from the series Rette Convergenti; Alex Mirutziu with the photographic series The colour of my middle class; Ivana Spinelli with the installation GPU Pass Clandestino; and Driant Zeneli with the video This will be my space!.

On display will also be the documentary video Il futuro sospeso, produced by NGO Progettomondo Mlal, directed by Annamaria Gallone: this year this will be a sort of open window onto reality which the exhibition whishes to open up and with which the public is invited to meet.