KiosK 59 - Festival dance theatre performance LET'S GET ATEMNOT!

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KiosK 59 - Festival dance theatre performance
8. - 10 April 2010

26 Installations, Workshops, Discussions, Live Music, DJing

The action takes place in 15 spaces of WUK, on the open street and in the immediate vicinity of the Volksoper. A temporary camp serves as agora. 26 dance performances, installations, workshops and panel discussions are on the programme. Diversity is the order of the day.

To talk about sustainable strategies, theatre, dance and art while being conscious of the army of gaping scissors of wealth, religions, genders, generations, east and west, north and south. To take the floor, define viewpoints, develop convictions, start the speech, represent opinions. Dancing as long as you can and then throwing yourself in the corner completely exhausted. Breaking down borders.

Get to it, get through it, be part of it!

The chance lies in diversity, the principle in disorder. Show me your ass.

The uncomfortable, the ugly, the surprising, the ambivalent, the insolent are needed to bring forth the beautiful. It needs the explosive that ignites opinions, triggers controversies, flares tempers.

KiosK 59 is open space and show of ttp’s work.

Borne from maximum independence, artistic freedom and self-determination, works will be presented which contradict the familiar forms of categorisation and refuse the “one concept” in their versatility and diversity. Unusual aesthetics, bizarre practices of movement and uncomfortable questions are the objectives.

The presented works are propositions, formulations of viewpoints, snapshots and reactions to the Now. They are the departure point for controversies; they are the prerequisite for opening up debate. They are food for thought, assertion, a statement in the awareness of the indispensable culture of critical thought.