Alex Mirutziu

Scotopolitic objects - verb status


Draws attention to its surrounding space which has a participatory outline.

Engages strong multi-modality engulfed with a cultural and class bias.

Takes processes of mutation sound-wise and culture-wise seriously.

Adds value to its own hollowness.

Points to itself as product, after the drying process of clay.

Flashes the relationship one has with one's resources and recalcitrance of materials.

Brings together the immediacy of sound with the commitment to arduous process that made the ceramic objects what they are.

Self appropriate when attached to microphones.

Teaches the skill of how to keep going even though the public is not getting pleasure at the moment.

Implies the need to adapt the hands to the making of new tools in this case — sound vibrations.

Achieves critical mass at some point in improvisation.

Generates soundscapes of aimless instrumentality.

Introduces seven minutes of wondering about.

Turns away from the historic tradition, to plunge into a different world.

Produces action as politicians do.

Stays committed to its own silence.

Goes from speaking to the audience in a manner that its audience can't hear to full monumentality of feasible disturbance.

Doesn't demand its understanding from the public. Implies an ongoing commitment to public's failure to understanding it.

Experiences the space as space in which ideas can enter. Indicates an action as a process in time.

Remains au courant with its environment.