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"But as a document" to be premiered at Bucharest's National Museum of Contemporary Art

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But as a document is a collaboration between artist Alex Mirutziu and choreographer and dancer Pär Andersson in which compiled lines from two internationally renown writers Graham Foust (USA) and Karl Larsson (SE) are written in Sweden Sans typeface and transferred from plain-page to plain-space. The performer recreates a live reading, shedding the meaning of stanzas, by grabbing words with their anatomical technicality. According to Jesper Robinell - head of design at Söderhavet agency, with Stefan Hattenbach, responsible with the official Swedish typeface ): "I don't think this has even been done before. When Alex contacted us, we were first baffled by the idea of making a dance out of a typeface. Now we are still baffled but also impressed and honoured that our design could inspire someone to create a dance based on it." 

More about the exhibition in which "But as a document" will be presented see below.

Cătălin Ilie, I talked to the wall and the wall was impressed (Studies for a better understanding), 2015-2016, drawing and sound installation, mixed-media

Cătălin Ilie, I talked to the wall and the wall was impressed (Studies for a better understanding), 2015-2016, drawing and sound installation, mixed-media


Chapter II of “The White Dot and The Black Cube”, an exhibition project in six parts

Opening: Thursday, February 18th, 7 PM
February 19th – April 10th, 2016

The National Museum, of Contemporary Art - 4th floor, Bucharest

Curatorial impulse: Anca Verona Mihuleţ
Response: Diana Marincu

Artists selected by Diana Marincu: Michele Bressan (RO), Andreea Ciobîcă (RO), Norbert Costin (RO/SE), Cătălin Ilie (RO/DE), Alex Mirutziu (RO) + Pär Andersson (SE), Esra Oezen (DE), Cristian Rusu (RO)

MNAC coordinator: Mălina Ionescu
Architect: Attila Kim

Curatorial intro: The curatorial method employed in devising “The White Dot and The Black Cube” as an exhibition in six parts takes its starting point from the investigation of three essential display formulas: two group exhibitions, two duo-shows and two personal exhibitions. Each of these formulas is enhanced by the dialogue between the two curators and by their exchanges with the artists and the museum as an institution. The group exhibitions were conceived following a theoretical impulse that one of the curators transmits to the other; the dual ones by the curators assuming one of the two conflicting theoretical positions; and the personal ones through a triangular dialogue.

Set off by the imperceptible reality and symbolic processuality of the artistic gesture, I’m the Invisible Man, chapter II of the curatorial project “The White Dot and The Black Cube”, discusses the idea of invisibility. The conceptual approach of this exhibition comprises several layers of the relationship with image and matter, which most often constitute the visual hooks of a display. The artists invited to reflect upon this subject perceived the sensitive alteration of reality, which they either provoked themselves or recorded non-invasively, or adopted as such, thus opening the creative discourse towards suspense and coincidence.

The duality of the interpretation of the invisible integrates both its potential to protect visible matter and the fragility produced by erasing an object from space. We believe that both can constitute possible frames of interpreting the unity and discontinuity of a curatorial enterprise.
The invited artists commit themselves to the moment at which the invisible blurs the visible, at which certain planes coincide, at which the images are superimposed perfectly – man’s construction over nature’s construction, the artificial image over the natural one, and reason over intuition; the moment at which the visible body represents both a possible weapon and a vulnerability deriving from public discourses on marginality; the moment at which the white noise of the quotidian insinuates itself as “tense” materiality into our lives; and at which the residual frames of perception reach the centre of the visual field.

Monday Art Project with Alex Mirutziu

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The conversation between Alex Mirutziu and Olga Krzeszowiec, Malmsten took place in Stockholm on April 26, 2015

The object of this encounter with Olga Krzeszowiec is the collaboration I made with Swedish design agency Söderhavet, and the upshot of it -- the project called "But as a document" (with Pär Andersson). At that time I was an artist in residence at IASPIS Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm; part of my research was dedicated to design, and the politics of reading and writing, thus the interview embody these two paths as well. 

"My practice is geared towards understanding where am I and what the word is made of. To clarify is important, especially the matter of presence. I want my works to function, so to speak, to intertwine into a relevant network of idea, to help build a climate for what is to come, because a work of art is never only a work of art, it is so much more than that." - Alex Mirutziu

Full interview