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Sons Museum to include Mirutziu in permanent collection

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.

The Sons Museum of Belgium welcomes one of my works as part of its permanent collection. From now on, the playing accessory (as seen above) which I used at the opening of my first solo show at Rudiger Schottle Gallery in 2010 can be seen on display  in  the museum alongside other relevant brilliant artefacts of other artists.

About Sons Museum

Almost every human being owns a pair in one or another execution. On the one hand this universal object leads a visitor of SONS through all ethnic cultures and peoples, from the first foot-covered footsteps of humans till today. On the other hand through the world of modern art, highlighted out of a surprising perspective.

Thanks to Dirk Vanderschueren, the museum's owner, these two unique collections have found a home in a building of amazing architecture in beautiful surroundings. The whole results in a place of direct confrontation, a happening with international allure.