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Alex Mirutziu in comprehensive survey of queer art publication

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“In the work of Romanian artist Alex Mirutziu the self portrait expresses his view of social reality in all kinds of symbolic ways. In Self-portrait at 32 (2014) two video screens show footage of abandoned buildings covered with vegetation. The artist regards this work as a metaphor for homosexuality in his country and had dedicated it to outcasts. His work reflects his love-hate relationship with his country of origin, but this is provocative when one considers that in his opinion history "has been muscled up and hijacked for generations until it became a monster, especially in post-revolutionary Romania. Art is therefore a protest for Mirutziu.”


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Fragment taken from “Queer!? Visual Arts in Europe”, Anton Anthonissen, Evert van Straaten, Publishers Waanders Uitgevers, Zwolle [catalogue], 2019, p. 315

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