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Monday Art Project with Alex Mirutziu

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The conversation between Alex Mirutziu and Olga Krzeszowiec, Malmsten took place in Stockholm on April 26, 2015

The object of this encounter with Olga Krzeszowiec is the collaboration I made with Swedish design agency Söderhavet, and the upshot of it -- the project called "But as a document" (with Pär Andersson). At that time I was an artist in residence at IASPIS Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm; part of my research was dedicated to design, and the politics of reading and writing, thus the interview embody these two paths as well. 

"My practice is geared towards understanding where am I and what the word is made of. To clarify is important, especially the matter of presence. I want my works to function, so to speak, to intertwine into a relevant network of idea, to help build a climate for what is to come, because a work of art is never only a work of art, it is so much more than that." - Alex Mirutziu

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