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'Travelling with a blind map' in pictures

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Travelling with a blind map

Anca Benera and Arnold Estefán (RO), Kitti Gosztola and Bence György Pálinkás (HU), Hiwa K (IQ), Alex Mirutziu (RO)

Curator: Flóra Gadó

Kisterem Gallery, Budapest

06 June – 06 July 2018


Gadó Flóra

The starting point of the exhibition is the notion of home and its goal is to map out the uncertain situations departing from there. What does the notion of searching for a home, belonging mean today, can we still use this word in its traditional sense? How can the process of constant travelling, nomad lifestyle which often affects contemporary artists, alter this? Instead of talking about looking for home, could we talk about a constant homecoming, when the person is in a continuous moving and intends to find stability within this drift. Another keyword in the exhibition is the notion of travel in which the joy of discovery coming from free will are paradoxically intertwined with those social-political situations when leaving is forced.
The artists reflect on these themes in a more poetic, indirect way and present different kinds of strategies, starting from their personal background, through analyzing their countries past, towards wider geopolitical and ecological aspects. Through these they bring into notion such pressing issues as migration, nomadism, the ownership of land and the so-called green xenophobia.