Christopher Eamon

Rearview Mirror
New Art from Central & Eastern Europe

The Power Plant, 2011
Art Gallery of Alberta, 2012

Fellow Romanian artist Alex Mirutziu’s practice is mainly performance based and photographic. His video Pop, included in this exhibition, is perhaps exceptional of his work in the sense that he appears in it only marginally; his hand turns the pages of the British fashion magazine Pop.
Slowly, page after page, a narrative of imagery emerges, a found narrative that is at once appropriation and meditation. Most of Mirutziu’s work is based on gender and gender transformation. In many ways, as a kind of body artist, he is the closest of his generation to one of the lone heroes of the Romanian art scene, the conceptual and body artist of the 1970s Ion Grigorescu. While Grigorescu is almost a lone figure in Romanian history, his work is still very much of a piece with international task-based, performance and body art. Mirutziu does not in any way ape this 1970s form. Rather, he “queers” it in an altogether different way.