WHAT PERFORMS? - a lecture

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16.02.2015 1:00 pm

Konstfack / University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm 

As part of his projects as a current grant holder at Iaspis - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and being selected as one of the artists to represent Romania at the upcoming Venice Biennial, Alex Mirutziu will lecture on his performance practice and engage in live discussion with the public in the frame of Konstfack / University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

Forget about modernist subtexts. Take responsibility. Ask what performs not who performs, and what you can do from where you are. A phenomenological view on the practice of performance with open discussion and video screening.

/ with the kind support of Åsa Jungnelius

Alex Mirutziu


Alex Mirutziu’s installation based performances and writings question the ways in which the space after something ends is orchestrated. He uses design in its most bureaucratic sense, collecting imprints of personal and historical events, using understanding and sincerity as factors in the materialization.

The artist has also made a collective which includes a hyper-object — namely himself at 29 – and often operates within its structure. The collectives' modus operandi is retroactive irony.

In recent years Mirutziu has lectured in performance and theatre focused institutions from Royal College of Arts, London, to Von Kraal Theatre, Estonia, and has collaborated with artists among which, Grit Hachmeister (DE), Paul Devens (NL), Elias Merino (ES), Graham Foust (US), Bjorn Friborg (SE). His most recent projects have been hosted by ZDB, Lisbon, Power Plant, Toronto, The Glass Factory Lab, Boda, Mucsarnok Kusthalle, Budapest, National Museum, Warsaw, and the Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw.