Reality Without Presence: a lecture and workshop by Alex Mirutziu

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.

Abstract workshop:

"What happens nowadays is that there are too many objects as well as too many images that haunt our daily lives, and most of them are poorly designed. They clutter our environment, and create more perturbations. They are unresponsive. Too much production as response is not interesting anymore. The evidence of presence of an object is not an answer while, the evidence of the absence of an object is also not an answer, but is much more fetching than the previous because it assembles a conscious that brings forth more ideas and injects new views on the future. The idea of filling an idea with some presence/material form for me is not that important. The nevrotic drive of artists to respond is rather morally abused. Thinking things through is much more ethically geared towards any possible progress. 

A wokshop that strains the limits of presence of objects and their design in artistic practice at large, instrumented via theoretical approach and physical engagement with different artistic expressions. " -- Alex Mirutziu