'Caos' dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini - exhibition - San Servolo island Venice

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Light on San Servolo - Isola di San Servolo, Venezia 
W H E R E  I T  H A P P E N S 
from 28/08/2010 to 12/09/2010 
Isola di San Servolo 
Address: Isola di san Servolo - 30100 Venezia 11am-7pm
D E S C R I P T I O N 
Opening on 27 August at 6pm, the exhibition is the second stage of the trilogy 'Caos' dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini and his civic commitment. The artists invited to take part in the project will focus on the theme of migrations. On display, video works by Theo Eshetu, Michael Fliri, H.H.Lim, Paolo Meoni, Driant Zenelli, photographs by Alex Mirutziu and an installation by Ivana Spinelli 
Ticket prices: ingresso libero/free admission 
Isola di San Servolo tel. 041.2765001