Some kill their love when they are young -- text by Oana Tanase on Alex Mirutziu's solo exhibition at Galerie Rudiger Schottle

Added on by Alex Mirutziu.

Text by Oana Tanase
curator MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest)

Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery in Munich is located in the nice neighborhood bordered by university, library and art museums. Well, if I missed the display of Geta Bratescu in December, during my recent trip to the heart of Bavaria, I managed to be present at the exhibition of the young artist Alex Mirutziu (born in Sibiu, 1981).
Last autumn, I briefly met him in Cluj, sometime after the opening of Sabot gallery from the Paintbrushes factory complex, together with his displays, out of which the video Tears are precious, distinguished itself by far. Yet, for the exhibition in Munich, Mirutziu came with a new series of works (painting, photos, objects and video), the title “Some kill
their love when they are young” – though cut up from Oscar Wilde’s poem “The Ballade
of Reading Gaol“ – gaining personal vibrations, since the pieces of the exhibition bear a self referential charge. There are two photo self portraits – a print, “Unforgotten if unpunished” (self portrait with medical sock, lycra panty hose, ball gag) and a light box, “Sock face”, both dated 2010 – dominated by the sight of the artist, frozen with fear and helplessness; nevertheless the body – as a fighting field, as an instrument aimed to speed up self destruction and to outline ambiguities is one of the reoccurring topics when we speak of Mirutziu.
Thus, video recording of a pseudo-static performance, only two-three minutes long “Runway spill #1” – a ‘quote’ from the fashion parades when the model often has slips of ankles – works as energy core of the exhibition. “I deliberately use my body as place of confrontation and communication with my own memory and suffering”, says Alex Mirutziu in a recent text.